Blue Sky Blueberries - Photo Page 3

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More pictures ...

Hand sorted in our new shirts!

Fruit on the bush

Hand Harvested

Sorting on the new improved table

Cooling trays

Blueberries make you happy!

Visiting geese in the Gold Fields and Lupine

Bumblebees are the best


Mushrooms in the late winter are a good sign.

Be unique.

Some of our native Barn Owls

U pick crowd 08

This couple comes from San Fran every year to pick

Wildflowers for the bees and beneficial insects

This little girl discovered a Garter snake

Blueberries are all American

Haley driving the mulch wagon.

Upick is fun!


Our raptor perch gets used often.

Lavander for the bees

Wildflower mix for 2008

Native wildflowers

More wildflowers around the ranch

Taste testing is completely welcome!

Its easy to fine the perfect berries

U pick 08 (Hwy 81)

V08 mulch application

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