Blue Sky Blueberries - Photo Page 2

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Our Ranch

Here are just a few of the beautiful images from our blueberry ranch...

Our berries are quite larger and more flavorful than those found in the store.

Ready for a selective pick

Getting ready to seal the clamshells.

....................Another High Quality crop

Bushes are crop balanced for maximum quality.

Hand harvested, early in the cool morning.

Lady Bug Larva can be found throughout the Spring

Blueberries are fun!

Osmia ribiforis nesting blocks and shelters

Barn Owl House (occupied yearly since 1999)

Nearing the end of bloom.

Mulch mix is changed year to year.

Hand sorting and packaging

May and June - fruit is ready.

Haley and her frog, it is Calaveras County

Beautiful Fall Colors of Blueberry Bushes


Mallard resting on the protection platform

Our Bat House (Bats love mosquitos)

Our entrance sign. Watch out for on-coming vehicles!

Pulling weeds!

Water fowl visit the seasonal pond regularly

Native population of Bumble bees help pollinate

Bumble Bee house

Hawk on our raptor perch

Mowing the middles. Native cover crop.

If you see mushrooms in a blueberry patch, its a good thing

Our booth at the Lodi Farmers Market

Fruiting and shoot buds really show themselves in February

U-pick crowd showing up.

Red poppy. Only part of our spring wildflower gardens.