Our Tour Groups

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Recent Tour Groups Hosted at Our Blueberry Ranch

Every year we host a variety of tour groups. During these tours we discuss our role in responsible land stewardship and how we all can embrace and enhance our environment. Depending upon the time of year, we experience wildflowers in bloom, wildlife habitat activity, and/or blueberry harvest. Here's a list of our growing tour groups.

Amador County Cooperative Extension

Amador and Calaveras County Master Gardeners

Hazel Fischer GAT Students, Arnold, CA

San Joaquin County Cooperative Extension

US Department of Fish and Game Agents

TSPN TV, Amador County Community TV, Jackson, CA

Delta Blue Blueberries, Stockton, CA

Calaveras Public Access TV, San Andreas, CA

Union Democrat Newspaper, Tuolunme County, CA

Valley Springs Elementary School, Valley Springs, CA

Jenny Lind Elementary School, Jenny Lind, CA

Bee Biological Laboratory Research Scientists, Logan, UT

Reiter Affiliated Companies, Blueberry Research Specialists, Oxnard, CA

Venture Academy Charter School, Synergy K-8 Homeschool, Stockton, CA

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